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Meet Point Twist Pattern Tester: Chiarra of


I am so excited to introduce you to all of my Incredible quilters that tested my first quilt pattern Point Twist. It is so incredible to see something I designed being created but such talented individuals. I have enjoyed getting to know each one of these talented testers and would love for you to get to know them as well. Even better get to see the amazing quilts they created.

Chiarra of pattern tested the baby size of Point Twist. I love the earthy tones of this quilt using a scrappy border with all the colors used in the accent points. Check out Chiarra on Instagram here.

Where do you live? Houston, Texas

How long have you been quilting? I started quilting at the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve been sewing since elementary school since my mom and grandmother first taught me how (sewing was a favorite hobby for both). My foray into quilting began when I decided that since everything was shut down, I was going to finally start a t-shirt quilt for my kids from the tshirts from all their activities. A good friend whose hobby has been garment sewing and quilting for years since we graduated from college encouraged my deeper dive into quilting and now three years later - I'm still loving it!

Why do you pattern test? Pattern testing allows me to go outside my comfort zone. It helps me hone my self-taught quilting skills, learn new techniques, and, most of all, it allows me to connect with other people who quilt. I also really enjoy the creative process (I played violin and piano for years) and enjoy seeing others’ ideas come to life. I’m a lawyer by day and have a husband, two teenagers in HS, and two cats to manage/coordinate daily. I’m also quite involved in my kids’ schools. SO - quilting is my relaxing, creative me-time.

What do you love about Point Twist? It was so fun to work with and when I saw it – I got really excited because I love printed fabrics (solids still kind of intimidate me) and this pattern definitely allows for print fabrics to shine. I also like the feeling of movement this quilt gives. It’s also scrappy friendly and I like the eco-friendliness of that.

What was your inspiration or colors used for Point Twist? After spending a lot of the holidays immersed in reds and blues – I decided I wanted to delve into spring but not in pastels. I felt very drawn to the various shades of green that were possible with the wave-like pattern. I had several greens in my stash and when I pulled them out – and they all went together – it felt like this was the way to go.

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