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Pattern Services Offered


Lisa Visel of Mountain View Quilts and Christina Marie of CMarie Quilts have paired up for the ultimate quilt ghostwriting and tech editing experience.

Lisa brings over 30 years of experience with an auditing background and looking at details while Christina has extensive knowledge of Adobe products and has a degree in Fashion Design. Both are avid quilters and have been working with designers for quite some time.

What is the difference between Technical Editing and Ghostwriting?

Technical Editing (sometimes called Tech Editing) is a comprehensive, extensive review of your quilt pattern to ensure it is as concise, accurate, and user-friendly as possible. I can offer a pair of fresh eyes on your pattern and support you in minimizing the risk of errors and making sure your pattern is ready for your customers. A well-written patterns make for happy customers and happy customers lead to more sales!

Ghostwriting is assistance on any part of the pattern writing process. Do you not have time? Are you not sure how to create the diagrams? Are you stuck on the wording? Are you not sure how to calculate fabric requirements? This is where we come in. We can do just a little part of the process or the full thing. We work with you and your needs, from start to finish. We also have additional services to assist you after the pattern is written as well.

So what does this exciting news mean for you?

  • It means you get a great partnership that works very closely together to make your design a reality.

  • Lisa is great with putting together directions and Christina is great with layout and diagrams. 

  • We do the part of the process that we excel at. That means we get it done faster and provide a higher quality pattern for you.

  • We work together to figure out the best way to construct your pattern if you’re not sure where to start.

  • We have constructed about 250 quilts between the two of us so we are not strangers to quilts and different techniques. Did we mention that Christina has a fashion design degree and worked as a lead pattern maker for an apparel company for a few years as well? 


Together we offer a la carte technical editing, technical illustrations, and pattern writing/ghostwriting services to quilt pattern designers and quilting content creators. We also offer one-of-a-kind Elite Service Add-Ons that we will share once you hit the contact button below.  


Turnaround time for completed drafts is typically within 4 weeks. Rush service is also available. Our current and past clients are given preference but there is room in the schedule for everyone. Please inquire for more information. 


All services are charged at an hourly rate except for a few a la carte items which will have the cost listed with the item. Our time is tracked in our invoices and billed at 15 min increments. Invoices are expected to be paid within 2 weeks. If you are working with a budget, we will also work with you on that.


For the confidentiality of your pattern, we agree to keep your work and intellectual property completely confidential and will not share templates, logos, designs, and other elements.

We would love to help you with all your quilting needs.

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