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About CMarie


Hi and Welcome! I am so excited that you have found me. I am Christina Marie of CMarie Quilts!

I learned how to sew from my dad's mother at the very young age of 6. She was a professional seamstress so I watched her in amazement while she sewed a wide variety of things. I begged and pleaded for her to teach me. Can you guess what I sewed first...yup barbie doll tube dresses! My barbie dolls never looked better at least from my 6-year-old creative side. lol

My sewing journey did not just end there. Around the age of 10 or so, I wanted to learn how to make a quilt. I had very crafty family members but none of them knew how to quilt. My grandmother whom I mentioned before gave me a notecard to make a pattern from, some tailor's chalk to mark around the notecard, and a nice pair of fabric scissors to just use on my fabric. It took forever to cut all of those pieces out. Around this same time, my mom found Alex Anderson's quilt show. Talk about a game changer and wow did I fall in love!!! Of course, I did what any quilter would probably do, I finished my 2nd quilt before my first one.


I grew up just outside of Houston in the very small town of Katy (not so small anymore). I was fortunate enough to attend the amazing Houston Quilt Show. This was before the time of Missouri Star Quilts and the number of Modern quilters. There was no quilt design degree, so when it was time to attend college, I went for the very next best thing. Fashion Design and Pattern making! Which opened my world up to so much more...bags, skirts, dresses, formal dresses, and wedding gowns! I even learned how to alter wedding gowns but nothing was the same as quilting. Over the years I would still sit down and quilt. After deciding to leave my job in 2022, I decided to start CMarie Quilts and have never been happier. I am just a Texas girl now in a Georgia world with my pup Blue Belle and my partner Adam.  Come join along!

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