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Pattern Testing for CMarie Quilts

Pattern Testing

What is the Pattern Testing?

It is an opportunity to work closely with me (Christina Marie - the pattern designer) before the release of the newest designs and have your quilt featured on Instagram, newsletter, and/or on this website. Pattern testing is a very important part of the quilt pattern development process as it provides a last check of the pattern before it is released, provides feedback on the pattern, and offers many different inspirational colorways. I am always looking for talented pattern testers to test upcoming patterns and consider this a partnership between the two of us.

If you are interested in being a pattern tester for CMaire Quilts, please read the following, and then fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Pinwheel Star Quilt made by my friend, fellow quilt designer, and pattern tester - Kristin of @heartlakequilts.

Only apply if....

  • You MUST subscribe to CMarie Quilts newsletter and follow CMarie Quilts on Instagram.

  • You have to have a public Instagram account with quilt pictures throughout it. Quilters of all levels of experience are welcome to test!

  • You can meet deadlines, and provide notes and feedback on the pattern by the deadline - the more feedback the better.

  • Provide quality and well-lit picture(s) to be used in various ways.

  • The top quilt just needs to be completed within the time frame supplied ahead of time. It does not require it to baste, quilt, or bind your quilt but that is a plus.

  • Post your completed top to your Instagram page during the week of the release of the pattern.

  • Cannot alter the pattern in any way. If you have a great different idea, please share!

  • If you can keep the contents of the pattern test confidential prior to release unless told otherwise.

What do I get as a pattern tester?

  • The pattern: A free draft version of the pattern and the final pdf pattern once it is finalized.

  • Connection to fellow quilters: You will be invited to a private Instagram group. This group will give you a place to interact with your fellow testers and me, discuss issues, troubleshoot any problems, and make new friends. Interaction is not required but available.

  • Featured: Your quilt picture(s) will be featured in either the pattern itself, in my newsletter, on the pattern page of the website, or in other ways not stated. I will always credit your work.

  • Discounts: There might be discounts from partner shops and longarm services to use on your test quilt.

  • QuiltInk Coloring: You will have access to QuiltInk to color the pattern before it is published.

Cross Track Quilt made by fellow Quilt Pattern Writing Class Alumni and pattern tester - Sarah of @riverroequilts

If you would like to be included in the tester pool for upcoming patterns, please click and fill out the form.

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