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Meet Home Track Pattern Tester: Susan of @paintersmom63


Susan of @paintermom63 pattern tested a Lap size of Home Track. I just love the various shades of green and love how she paired the quilt with Daffodils. Check out Susan on Instagram here.

Where do you live? Worcester, MA

How long have you been quilting? Almost a year

Why do you pattern test? I like to challenge myself and I like to give back to the community by helping designers

What do you love about Home Track? It is an airy beautiful take on the log cabin block that gives it a whole new look.

What was your inspiration or colors used for Home Track? I love to play with prints and to see how they interact. As we were approaching Spring, I was drawn to greens. I enjoyed revisiting some of the design elements from Cross Track in a new setting.

What is one quilting goal you have? Perhaps to write and publish my own pattern someday.

What is your favorite quilting tool you have? My Stripology XL ruler and my Grace Co ergonomic rotary cutter.


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