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Meet Home Track Pattern Tester: Sara of @sdm1146


Sara of @sdm1145 pattern tested a Throw size of Home Track. I love that Sara used bananna fabric and coordinated a black and yellow forals with it. The funny thing is I really hate bananas - the smell and the texture but the banana fabric is really cute and fun. Plus I love hot pink! Check out Sara on Instagram here.

Where do you live? I'm a Virginian living in northeast Ohio.

How long have you been quilting? I've been doing something with fabric or yarn most of my life. I've been quilting more intensively for the past 9 - 10 years.

Why do you pattern test? It's fun to get a sneak peek at new patterns. As an educator, it's also a chance to see how someone else explains things and learn from their process.

What do you love about Home Track? I love the symmetry in the design and the simplicity of the design. It challenged me to think about a gradient in a new way.

What was your inspiration or colors used for Home Track? The florals are from Rashida Coleman-Hale's Reign collection. The bananas are from Ruby Star's Darlings 2 collection (I think!). The background fabric is Hoffman 885 dots in color mercury. The black/yellow batik is mysterystash.

What is one quilting goal you have? I'm pushing myself to use more stash and deviate from the colors/structure provided in patterns. This project, for example, used leftovers from a group of children's quilts I made last year and gave me a new way of thinking about an ombre or gradient.

What is your favorite quilting tool you have? my Juki QVP mini


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