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Meet Home Track Pattern Tester: Dan of @danreeves73


Dan of @danreeves73 pattern tested a Throw size of Home Track. Dan is the man - well the only man that was a part of my testing group. I love how his quilt turned out with a very dark masculine feel to it. I do love a dark quilt. Dan wanted to break up the black and make the quilt a little bit bigger so he added some additional rows to it (see below to check out the finished version with the additional borders). I just love that he customized it to fit his needs. Check out Dan on Instagram here.

Where do you live? Pineland, TX (small town in East Texas)

How long have you been quilting? since 2018

Why do you pattern test? To keep improving my skills and learn about new ideas

What do you love about Home Track? Builds very quickly, lots of options for colorways, and the size options.

What was your inspiration or colors used for Home Track? I wanted to use the black fabric and I think it gives me a lot of negative space to be creative with when I longarm it.

What is one quilting goal you have? Learn to design my own patterns

What is your favorite quilting tool you have? Seam ripper. Live and die by it


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