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Meet Cross Track Pattern Tester: Erica of


I am so excited to introduce you to all of my amazing quilters that tested Cross Track. This meant the world to me to see these quilts come to life as this was my very first pattern to write. Thanks to Quilter's Candy Quilt Pattern Writing Course. It is so incredible to see something I designed come to life and how each one has a totally different feel. I have enjoyed getting to know each one of these talented testers and would love for you to get to know them as well. Even better get to see the amazing quilts they created.

Erica of pattern tested a Baby size of Cross Track. I just love how this quilt turned out and that Erica used an ombre of grey fabrics with a touch of green for the background. Check out Erica on Instagram here.

Where do you live? Washington State

How long have you been quilting? I have been sewing quilts for 30+ years off and on. More recently since fall 2020. That is when we lost everything at our lake property...2 houses, 3 boats, etc. I wanted to make quilts for all of our beds up there once we rebuilt. So I set to it.

Why do you pattern test? I pattern test because I love helping out designers. I love knowing that I helped make that quilt work out for them.

What do you love about Cross Track? I love the fun shape it creates. The process of creating the different lines is enjoyable and keeps you on your toes.

What was your inspiration or colors used for Cross Track? The fabric was some I already had in my stash. I wanted to go with a grey/black feel and have the pop of green in there.

What is one quilting goal you have? One of my goals is to actually try and quilt a quilt myself without freaking out or messing it up. I always think I can't do it and afraid I will mess it up so I either send it out to a longarmer or stick it in my pile of quilt tops.

Also, check out Erica's progress pictures:


Check out the other tester quilts for Cross Track.


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